Friday, February 1, 2019

I had a dream once. To Write a Book. The dream was large and meaningful so naturally I tired to protect it. . I encased the dream in amber. Unmoved. I liked to admire it, maybe tell others about it but never release it. But it kept calling to me. . You see, when a dream is that grand and meaningful it can’t stay hidden. So I sat down to write. . That’s when I heard them. The confident voices of Doubt and Fear, using the pseudonym Perfection. . The dream meant so much that everything had to be PERFECT. I told myself I needed to do more research on HOW to write. Figure out the rules. I couldn’t get it wrong. PERFECTION was the goal. First Novel has to be a best seller right?!Only the best for this dream. . Over a decade later I was still looking at my dream instead of living it. After so many hours of research and attempts to write the perfect masterpiece - I still wasn’t ready to publish. 🥴 . Then I stopped listening to “perfection” 🤫 I stopped constantly worrying about what its supposed to look like and spent time actually writing. ✍️ . When I finally published, it wasn’t perfect and it wasn’t a best seller but it felt Pretty. Damn. Good. And the best part is - it built momentum. . More books have been written and published every year since. Now we’re a team helping others get their dream out of their head and onto the paper... and out into the world. . . Need motivation? Check out our bio 👍 . #storyninjas #story #ninjas #storytemplates #storytelling #storytellers #indiepublishing #indiepublishing #commercialfiction #fiction #fictionbooks #nonfiction #nonfictionbooks #outlining #noveloutline #bookstagram #authorsofinstagram #writersofinstagram #publishersofinstagram #aspiringauthor #writethedamnbook #writerlife #authors