Tuesday, April 23, 2019

***ATTENTION SHORT STORY LISTENERS*** . Story Ninjas has another title on audible! . If you’ve been looking for a collection of fiction stories, then this is the book for you! . When you buy this book, you’ll get the following: . Four engaging narratives, Memorable characters, scenes that make you feel like you're in the story, Themes that will resonate long after you've finished the book AND Stories that deal with life, death, love, war, and meaning. . Best yet, they're all quick reads. Plus you'll get much, MUCH more . Blind is a collection of four short stories. Each narrative focuses on characters that come across new insights in their personal lives. The main story revolves around a blind man named Zane, who is given the opportunity to see for the first time in his life. The question is, does he really want to open his eyes to see the new world that awaits him. The second story, When Worlds Collide, is about a boy named Akbar. He is trying to return the magic rock to his people while also evading the monsters nearby. The third story, The Great Smoky Mountains, is about an older couple that come to an important realization late in life. The fourth story, Monster Madness, is about a character who has decided to clean out their closet. Little does he know, the process is much harder than anticipated. . I’m sure you’re going to love this book.

Friday, February 1, 2019

I had a dream once. To Write a Book. The dream was large and meaningful so naturally I tired to protect it. . I encased the dream in amber. Unmoved. I liked to admire it, maybe tell others about it but never release it. But it kept calling to me. . You see, when a dream is that grand and meaningful it can’t stay hidden. So I sat down to write. . That’s when I heard them. The confident voices of Doubt and Fear, using the pseudonym Perfection. . The dream meant so much that everything had to be PERFECT. I told myself I needed to do more research on HOW to write. Figure out the rules. I couldn’t get it wrong. PERFECTION was the goal. First Novel has to be a best seller right?!Only the best for this dream. . Over a decade later I was still looking at my dream instead of living it. After so many hours of research and attempts to write the perfect masterpiece - I still wasn’t ready to publish. 🥴 . Then I stopped listening to “perfection” 🤫 I stopped constantly worrying about what its supposed to look like and spent time actually writing. ✍️ . When I finally published, it wasn’t perfect and it wasn’t a best seller but it felt Pretty. Damn. Good. And the best part is - it built momentum. . More books have been written and published every year since. Now we’re a team helping others get their dream out of their head and onto the paper... and out into the world. . . Need motivation? Check out our bio 👍 . #storyninjas #story #ninjas #storytemplates #storytelling #storytellers #indiepublishing #indiepublishing #commercialfiction #fiction #fictionbooks #nonfiction #nonfictionbooks #outlining #noveloutline #bookstagram #authorsofinstagram #writersofinstagram #publishersofinstagram #aspiringauthor #writethedamnbook #writerlife #authors

Friday, January 25, 2019

Legacy: Making memories that will last a lifetime. . If you're someone who wants to create a legacy and leave their mark on the world, please consider writing it down. Writing a book is a proven, time-tested strategy to pass down valuable information long after you’re gone. Specifically, a memoir allows you to memorialize major life achievements and share them with friends and family. . Most people wish they could write a book. If you can write, use your talent. I promise your life is interesting ESPECIALLY to future you + your present and future family. Future you will be glad you did 👊 . Here’s the thing not everyone knows how to write a memoir or even on a very basic level write about their own experience. . Maybe you've tried before? Or maybe you're not confident in your writing skills? Or, perhaps you don't have time (or patience) to type a full manuscript? . Whatever the case, Story Ninjas Publishing is here to help you write the story you've always wanted to. . This is Z Ninja’s passion project. Which means, When you contact Story Ninjas today, you'll get a FREE consultation about your memoir. Whether you've already written some pages, or you're starting from scratch, we can turn your dream into a reality. From writing and editing, to publishing and marketing, Story Ninjas has got you covered. . Just imagine what it would be like to sit down with your grandkids and tell them the story of your life. How great would it be if your book was passed down from generation, to generation. A memoir is truly the gift that keeps on giving. . If you made it all the way down here then you know how important this is. Let us help you. Contact Story Ninjas today and begin to build a legacy that will last. . . . 👆👆👆Link in bio. 👆👆👆 * #legacy #buildyourlegacy #tellyourstory #writelife #memoir #storyninjas #story #ninjas #storytemplates #storytelling #storytellers #indiepublishing #indiepublishing #commercialfiction #fiction #fictionbooks #nonfiction #nonfictionbooks #outlining #noveloutline #bookstagram #authorsofinstagram #writersofinstagram #publishersofinstagram#successhabits #habitsmakeresults #aspiringauthor #icouldwriteabook #writeitdown .

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Here at story ninjas we’ve been doing a deep dive into the power of habit. . Suzy (unofficially Z ninja) taking over the IG page today to talk about putting in the work for your passion. . I can’t even count the number of potential clients we meet that are aspiring authors with great ideas and a love for story telling that have a word count of ZERO! . My friend if you haven’t released your story idea from your brain space onto some platform: It. Won’t. Work. . I hear you saying “But Z Ninja!!” **it’s gonna catch I know it** “You don’t understand. I don’t have TIME to write.” This is where I will swoop in with some TOUGH LOVE. Are you ready for this? Because it’s not going to be nice. . . NO ONE is reading your amazing story and NO ONE will read your amazing story... until ... . You WRITE it! . Make writing a habit. Start small. Set small goals for yourself at first. Mine was “I’m going to write one line of the outline everyday until it’s finished”. Guess how often I only wrote one line?! Never. I doubled and tripled my goal and when I was writing consistently upped the ante. I should mention I am not a born “writer”. I’m a born reader and story teller. And yet, I was writing more than my friends who consider themselves writers. . It all starts with a small step, turned into a habit, molded into a craft, producing and manifesting dreams. . Stop being an aspiring author. Share your masterpiece. If you’re stuck we can help you! . . 👆👆👆Link in bio. 👆👆👆 * #dreamsdontworkunlessyoudo #tellyourstory #toughlove #workworkworkworkwork #storyninjas #story #ninjas #storytemplates #storytelling #storytellers #indiepublishing #indiepublishing #commercialfiction #fiction #fictionbooks #nonfiction #nonfictionbooks #outlining #noveloutline #bookstagram #authorsofinstagram #writersofinstagram #publishersofinstagram#successhabits #habitsmakeresults

Monday, January 21, 2019

Did you write today? 🧐🧐🧐 . . Need help outlining your book? Never fear, Story Ninjas Publishing is here! 😎 Whether you’re writing commercial fiction or nonfiction, our team of experts can help you format your manuscript so it fits industry standards. Contact us today! . . 👆👆👆Link in bio. 👆👆👆 * #intermittentfasting #firstworldproblems #thestruggleisreal #storyninjas #story #ninjas #storytemplates #storytelling #storytellers #indiepublishing #indiepublishing #commercialfiction #fiction #fictionbooks #nonfiction #nonfictionbooks #outlining #noveloutline #bookstagram #authorsofinstagram #writersofinstagram #publishersofinstagram

Did you write today? 🧐🧐🧐 . . Need help outlining your book? Never fear, Story Ninjas Publishing is here! 😎 Whether you’re writing commercial fiction or nonfiction, our team of experts can help you format your manuscript so it fits industry standards. Contact us today! . . 👆👆👆Link in bio. 👆👆👆 * #intermittentfasting #firstworldproblems #storyninjas #story #ninjas #storytemplates #storytelling #storytellers #indiepublishing #indiepublishing #commercialfiction #fiction #fictionbooks #nonfiction #nonfictionbooks #outlining #noveloutline #bookstagram #authorsofinstagram #writersofinstagram #publishersofinstagram