Monday, April 3, 2017

Dark Tales Volume 2: Scary, Spooky, Haunting Campfire Stories

Check out our newest scary story anthology, Dark Tales Volume 2. You can download a copy of Volume 1 and 2 for free 5-8 April 2017!


Planning a cabin trip? Going hunting? Looking for stories to tell around the campfire? Or maybe you want to spook your friends this weekend? This is the book for you. Dark Tales is the second installment of tantalizing tales from Story Ninjas. In this collection you'll find SEVEN scary stories to tell around the campfire. From killer clowns to viral parasites, this anthology has all kinds of haunting stories to make your spine tingle. What happens when a group of college students come back from a cabin trip only to find mysterious photos on their phones? Or what about an author that must make her story go viral in order to avoid a gruesome death? Maybe you would prefer to read about a boyfriend who takes his ex girlfriend to the same bridge his best friend died just a year ago? All of these stories and more await you in Dark Tales Volume 2.

Who are the Story Ninjas?

Story Ninjas Publishing is an independent book publisher. Our stories range from science fiction to paranormal romance. Our goal is to create stories that are not only entertaining, but endearing. We believe engaging narrative can lead to personal growth. Through unforgettable characters and powerful plot we portray themes that are relevant for today’s issues. Our hope is that readers find lessons they can apply to their everyday lives, so that the stories live on through the actions of each person they touch. Additionally, we provide creative non-fiction books that are meant to serve as tools to help people solve everyday problems. We hope you find our products entertaining and helpful.

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