Saturday, December 29, 2018

Happy Holidays From Story Ninjas!!!

As we get closer to the new year, many people across the world are considering next year’s resolutions. They ruminate on all of the things they didn’t do throughout the year. Maybe they wanted to lose weight or finally write that book they’ve been meaning to.

But for whatever reason life got in the way.

While self reflection and new year resolutions are helpful, they can often leave us feeling disappointed in ourselves. Sometimes it’s good to look back and and take count of all the goals we actually did accomplish.

A common practice is the use of manifestation lists.

They help us stay focused and motivated, especially when a project is taking for~eeee~ver.

Basically you make a list of all the cool shit you’ve accomplished throughout the week/month/year. Below is an example of Story Ninjas’ yearly manifestation list.

Participated in an Entrepreneur and Business Expo in Palm Beach

Attended Palm Beach County business development board entrepreneur lunch-in at the convention center

Created an Story-Ninjas Instagram

Participated in bowling fundraiser for alzheimer's

Started a podcast

Won the Palm Beach State College Entrepreneurship Award

Attended the Stonewall Ball

Participated in a COMPASS Holiday Mixer

Published Steampunk Wars: Down the Rabbit Hole

Helped Dr. Marla Friedman publish The Good Cancer: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Published Father of the Bride, Mother of Bride, and Mother of the Groom in our Wedding Mentor series

Made our first FREE webinar

Created our first course on fiction writing

Published the first book in our ongoing series about the Modern Monomyth The Iconic Hero’s Journey: How To Write The Classic Hero Archetype

So now that you’ve seen an example of what a manifestation list looks like, what cool shit did you do this year? Let us know.


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