Thursday, January 24, 2019

Here at story ninjas we’ve been doing a deep dive into the power of habit. . Suzy (unofficially Z ninja) taking over the IG page today to talk about putting in the work for your passion. . I can’t even count the number of potential clients we meet that are aspiring authors with great ideas and a love for story telling that have a word count of ZERO! . My friend if you haven’t released your story idea from your brain space onto some platform: It. Won’t. Work. . I hear you saying “But Z Ninja!!” **it’s gonna catch I know it** “You don’t understand. I don’t have TIME to write.” This is where I will swoop in with some TOUGH LOVE. Are you ready for this? Because it’s not going to be nice. . . NO ONE is reading your amazing story and NO ONE will read your amazing story... until ... . You WRITE it! . Make writing a habit. Start small. Set small goals for yourself at first. Mine was “I’m going to write one line of the outline everyday until it’s finished”. Guess how often I only wrote one line?! Never. I doubled and tripled my goal and when I was writing consistently upped the ante. I should mention I am not a born “writer”. I’m a born reader and story teller. And yet, I was writing more than my friends who consider themselves writers. . It all starts with a small step, turned into a habit, molded into a craft, producing and manifesting dreams. . Stop being an aspiring author. Share your masterpiece. If you’re stuck we can help you! . . 👆👆👆Link in bio. 👆👆👆 * #dreamsdontworkunlessyoudo #tellyourstory #toughlove #workworkworkworkwork #storyninjas #story #ninjas #storytemplates #storytelling #storytellers #indiepublishing #indiepublishing #commercialfiction #fiction #fictionbooks #nonfiction #nonfictionbooks #outlining #noveloutline #bookstagram #authorsofinstagram #writersofinstagram #publishersofinstagram#successhabits #habitsmakeresults

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