Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Parent Confession: When our little lady was first learning to read - she hated it!! We had no idea what could have gone wrong?! . She announced that she only wanted to write her own stories because they were *better* 🤣🤣 . When we started listening to her stories it was obvious! We were reading the wrong books to her. . She didn’t want typical kid books she wanted grand adventures! She wanted the stories we tell mixed with her own flair. *She always shares opportunities to improve* 🧐😜 . SooooOOOOooooo - we learned the lesson AND that’s where we try to come from with every story. We make them just enough of what we would want to read and ALL of what ideal readers ACTUALLY WANT to read. . We’re sharing stories from our family to yours. . Not pictured: Our teenagers who never approve of the pictures we take of them😎🤩 . . . #parenting #bookshelf #story #ninjas #originstory #publishersofig #authorsofinstagram #futurestorytellers #futurewriter #storyteller#indiepublishers #indiepublishing

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